Facebook Nightclub City Hack – Nightclub City EXP Hack/Cheat

Update: This cheat/hack is not working anymore as of May 28, 2010.

Get the latest working hack for Nightclub City Cheats here. You will need to pass the anti-bot system to access the cheat. It is a precautionary measure to prevent the cheat from leechers and Nightclub City from blocking it. Thanks.

Try the cheat below for your own risk, it might work sometimes.

How to hack Facebook Nightclub City  - Nightclub City EXP Hack/Cheat? Here is another working cheat for Facebook Nightclub City. By doing this hack you can level up your Nightclub City to 40. Read below on how to do the Nightclub City instant LVL40/EXP Hack.

Tools Needed:
Cheat Engine 5.6 (Download)
Mozilla Firefox Browser

How to hack Nightclub City:

1. Open Nightclub City in Firefox and Cheat Engine 5.6, choose Firefox on the process list.
2. Scan Type “Exact Value”, Value Type “4bytes”, tick “Also Scan Read-only Memory”
3. Click “Redecorate” so your EXP will be frozen. And it will not move.
4. Click the EXP progress bar in the upper left.
5. Take note of the “Your Club has earned” value and scan it. Click FIRST SCAN.
6. Click OK in Nightclub City and let the game play. Earn some exp and click REDECORATE again.
7. Repeat step 4 and scan the “Your Club has earned” value again, but this time click NEXT SCAN.
8. There should only be 1 address found.
8. Double click the address, the address will be on the bottom of the cheat engine now.
9. Double click VALUE and change it 9999999999999 to gain max level or just add required earn value for the next level up.
10. Click ok in Nightclub City and earn some money to your customer. It should now level up.
11. That’s it. Save the game.


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25 Responses to "Facebook Nightclub City Hack – Nightclub City EXP Hack/Cheat"

  1. sal says:


  2. gian says:

    is it level 40 is the maximum level? coz im level 40 now but it doesn’t level up to 41 above.
    it says that you must earn $o to achieve level 41..why?

  3. eirhon says:

    It will not level up to 41 since level 40 is the current level cap of nightclub city.

  4. gian says:

    ok thanx a lot. it would be better if it takes more level ups, more thrill. hope so.

  5. pink says:

    theres an expansion that needs level 60… i thought level 40 is the level cap,,, now its not moving anymore to level 41,,,

  6. gian says:

    that is also my problem.. it seem it was stick to level 40 now. could you help us solve this problem.. pls.

  7. j21 says:

    me2 how to solve it

  8. kovin says:

    i can’t level up to 41!!why!! i want to expand my club!! :(

  9. wawa says:

    me too.. same problem

  10. wee says:

    is this hack still working?

  11. vinnce says:

    same promblem here too

  12. johann says:

    if sum1 can help me get to level 41 please email me.. jrussbautista@yahoo.com.ph

  13. faye says:

    there’s no address in the next scan

  14. eirhon says:

    Update: This hack is not working anymore. It is well written on the top of this article. I will post an updated exp hack for nightclub city if I will be able to find one.

  15. nimitz says:

    doyou know the recent level hack/cheat fornightclub city to make it level up with the current cap 60?

  16. nimitz says:


    can you email me? unrevealed_personality@yahoo.com for the latest hack if their will be one.

  17. shano says:

    plss…game e a new hack…for this game..
    fast lvl to 60..

  18. roger says:

    hi~ can teach me how to hack the new nightclub city???

  19. Xenfish says:

    Can u help me get lvl 40 faster please?????? plx send to my email latest Level Cheat In Nightclub City ..thanks BTW!!

  20. Jhun says:

    can you send mo a latest level cheats in nightclub city i need please!!!!!

  21. XexaR says:

    thankksxxxx !.. my nightclub city is now level 60 thankxs… thankxss….! :D

  22. vince says:

    how would my nightclub level up so fast

  23. #23 says:

    thanks my nightclub city is level 72 ur da man

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