Globe Broadband Bandwidth Capping aka Tattoo Fair Usage Policy

Hi guys, sorry for the late update. I’ve been experiencing intermittent connection on my internet for the past week. I get disconnected every 5 minutes or so and it is very annoying. It’s all good now, thanks to the help of Globe Technicians who resolved this matter. I found out that my line is grounded maybe because of the heavy rain last week causing my landline’s dial tone to stop working and giving me intermittent connection on the DSL line.   Well,  I’ve been a globe broadband subscriber for more than 5 years and currently enrolled on a 2Mbps bundled plan. And I must say, I am quite satisfied with their service.

While having this problem, I browsed through Globe website to take a look at their current deals on internet plans and packages, thinking of getting an upgrade. I found out that they are now offering a speed of 5mbps, 10mbps and 15mbps on residential plan with a  price of P2,999 , P4,299 and P6, 299 respectively.  I also learned that Globe implemented a fair usage policy or other call it “bandwidth capping ” on their current internet plans.

What is bandwidth capping?

According to wikipedia, a bandwidth cap also known as  bit cap, limits the transfer of a specified amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or may be overloaded, by a few users. Implementation of a bandwidth cap is sometimes termed a Fair Access Policy.

So, I read through Globe Tattoo’s fair usage policy and here’s what I found:

Bandwidth Capping


The Globe @Home broadband service currently provides the following peak volume capacity depending on your plan:

  • For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 16 GB – 20 GB per account per month
  • For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 21 GB – 25 GB per account per month

For WiMax accounts with Speed Boost add-on or is installed starting on May 13, 2011:

  • For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 1 GB per account per day
  • For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
  • For WiMax Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day

For DSL accounts with Speed Boost add-on or is installed starting on November 11, 2011:

  • For DSL Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
  • For DSL Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day
  • For DSL Postpaid 3 Mbps: 7 GB per account per day
  • For DSL Postpaid 5 Mbps: 10 GB per account per day

You might be asking, so will I get disconnected if I reach the allowed bandwidth per day? The answer is no.  But you will be experiencing a sudden drop on your internet speed which will last until the end of the day or 12 midnight. This policy will only affect those who downloads large files from the internet, including media streams like youtube and other live streaming sites.

Since I am on a 2mbps plan, I should have a 5GB of bandwidth per day. I am not sure if I was included in this policy since my subscription was upgraded to 2mbps  3yrs ago.So,  I want to know if I am included and will be affected by this policy. I will be monitoring my internet bandwidth usage and it will be on my next post.


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7 Responses to "Globe Broadband Bandwidth Capping aka Tattoo Fair Usage Policy"

  1. Lisa says:

    HI! Just very recently (like a few days ago) apparently Globe revised the bandwidth caps to apply to postpaid supersurf users. Before, only the prepaid users were subject to the 800 mb/day cap. Now, Supersurf users under postpaid are now subject to this limit as well. The moment you hit that 800 mb during the day, you’ll get a text message saying you’ve reached your daily allowed limit as per the fair use policy. It’s preposterous. They’ve been upgrading to LTE and now they limit the bandwidth? Stupid globe. Have half a mind to terminate my subscription.

  2. Tonyo Cruz says:

    Globe Telecoms ‘Fair Usage Policy’: Deceptive and Bad for PH
    Posted: April 6th, 2011 | Author: TXTPower | Filed under: News | 3 Comments »
    Globe Telecoms, the perennial second placer in the mobile telecoms sector, is not doing any good to the Philippines and its subscribers with its deceptively-labeled Fair Usage Policy. Worse, it may be a convenient way to hide problems in network capacity, quality and reliability of telcos, which is an obvious hindrance to more widespread use of the internet and social media as an enabler for stakeholders in the country’s progress.

    Globe Telecom’s data caps which allegedly target the abusive five percent of its subscribers actually cover 100 percent of all of Globe Telecom subscribers. Is that fair? No.

    Telcos such as Globe Telecoms should be careful in referring to any of its subscribers as “abusers” especially in this age of the internet and social media. Those same abusers may actually be small and medium-scale businesses, home-based online entrepreneurs, OFW families keeping constant touch or netizens in the cutting-edge of surging social media in the Philippines.

    We call on President Aquino to direct the National Telecommunications Commission to perform its functions as telecom regulator. It should check whether Globe Telecom has sufficient network infrastructure and bandwidth for its 26.5 million mobile subscribers and 1.1 million broadband subscribers. There is a growing suspicion that Globe Telecom imposed the data caps not so much because of user abuse, but maybe due to the network’s oversubscription and insufficient network capacity for both current and future subscribers. All telcos should be covered by this NTC appraisal and inventory.

    Globe Telecom’s data cap announcement claims that five percent of its mobile internet and broadband users purportedly corner 80 percent of available bandwidth. This “figure” is no different and may be the same figure cited in late 2010 by the Philippine Chamber of Telecom Operators. Both are at the very least suspect. But something should come out because of these claims by Globe Telecom and PCTO: These so-called “studies” ought to compel the NTC to perform its own, independent checks covering usage, current network infrastructure and both ongoing and future investments to expand both reach and bandwidth capacity. NTC should penalize telcos that underdeliver and let their services to be oversubscribed or to be falsely advertised.

    Before Globe Telecoms and other PCTO members point to telcos in countries as models for their data caps, we should remind them that many of those countries have fast and reliable internet in the first place. That cannot be said for telcos in the Philippines which cannot provide true 3G, 3.5G and 4G connections. Telcos led by PLDT and Globe Telecom are pulling the Philippines to the bottom of lists of countries in terms of internet speeds.

    Globe Telecom argues that there’s no law or regulations stopping it from imposing data caps. That is not true. It was among the telcos which helped put out the draft NTC memorandum-circular on minimum broadband speed. Bowing to consumer protests, the NTC has already decided against the provision on data caps. We hope the NTC stands by its decision and that telcos, led by Globe Telecom would abide by it.

    President Aquino should keep an eye on internet speeds and service quality because more and more Filipinos are going online for business and work, education, advocacy and causes, and other important purposes. Internet access ought to be an open, affordable and reliable enabler. The irony is that while more and more governments worldwide have realized this and are moving towards greater and universal access, telcos in the Philippines are out to curtail usage and are allowed to gouge the public with their substandard and unreliable services.

    Tonyo Cruz

  3. kris says:

    a bandwidth cap that’s very stupid i hope you read this globe and fix this, very disappointing as a subscribers to globe

  4. Martin says:

    Fair usage policy is not nice, just because some users only use a small amount of surfing and/or data downloads and others use large data downloads why should the telco’s only cherry pick what suits their business model. It seems all the telco’s want you to pay for an unlimited service but don’t actually want to provide you with a service ?
    Basically they want you to pay for your cake but they don’t want you to eat any of it !
    Another bad thing I have noticed about the telco’s fair usage policy is that it isn’t fair to the high or low end user. For example take Globe DSL,1mbps speed user gets an allocation of 3gb per day before being capped to a lower speed (I am still trying to find out what this capped speed actually is whether it be a % of your original speed or a fixed speed) and a 2mbps user only gets 5gb per day before being capped. Well surely a user with twice the bandwidth will need at least twice the allocation if not 25% more than twice but actually gets less than twice, why is that ?

  5. gary says:

    even smart telecom started to implement the fair usage policy without the knowledge of active subscribers that signed the unlimted plan years before.
    it is a clear breach of contract, any existing and active contract should not be change without the knowledge and consent of the other party,

    Smart telecom would not even tell the maximum limit so anytime smart can cut off a subscriber from internet if they wish especially if smart is having problem with the number of users at a given time. that instead of investing on new facilities to accommodate new subscribers (smart scam victims) they resorted to increasing the ratio per bandwidth available.

    smart telecom would not even provide a tool/device/apps to subscribers for them to monitor/view amount of data being consume, the unlimited plan is a scamplan.

    the fair usage policy is being ABUSE by both telcos . not only to hide network problems but to control people. suppressing/limiting freedom to information and communication.

  6. Angela says:

    It’s not at all a “FAIR” Usage Policy but definitely an “UNFAIR” one…. The refreshing of an account is supposed to happen every 12 midnight but for some reasons, mine does not happen automatically because even if it’s past 12 already, my internet is still very slow…. This system of refreshing is very unreliable and I even read posts about others who are experiencing the same. Shame on GLOBE! This is highway robbery!

  7. Rem says:

    Yeah, I purchased 2 legal software about 14Gb worth $59, My internet connection’s 2Mbps ADSL (Globe Broadband). After 3 days of download, my account has been capped, not until 12 midnight yesterday but for another 3 days. Called Globe Service Reps and they’re only answer for this is emailing me a link to their Fair Usage Policy.

    Nice one! Need to wait until August 2 for my speed to go back to normal. Will check if PLDT has cap, if plans are better, will swap ASAP

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