Globe Grabagold.com, GRAB-A-GOLD – Legit or Not?

Hi guys, it’s been a month and a half of being inactive here in the blog world and this will be my first post for this month.

Have you heard about a website called GrabAGold? For a quick overview, GRAB-A-GOLD is a web gaming portal exclusively for  Globe subscribers wherein they can subscribe to games packs, play them online, earn GOLD from the game levels, a subscriber can use his/her earned Gold to spin the Prize Wheel and win some prizes instantly like Globe Loads, Globe G-Cash, gadgets and even a car.

Registration is free, all you need to do is key in your globe mobile number and register a nickname, afterwards you will receive a verification code, for security purposes of course. Upon registration you will have a 3 free spin on the the Prize Wheel and if you are lucky enough, you might get some instant prizes.  So here’s the catch, spinning the Wheel Prize requires 100 Gold and Gold can only be gain by playing the games. You will have to subscribe in a certain game packs in order for you to earn golds. Game Packs are not pricey, it only cost 15php for 5 days of subcription. Not bad, isn’t it?

Back to the title of the post, is this website Grab-A-Gold / Grabagold.com is a legit site or not? Do they really give away those prizes? My answer is yes because I already won of a 20php  Globe Load and I received it on my phone. There is also a list of winners on the site  updated real-time and a photo from an Ipad2 winner , meaning the site is really a legit site. You may also check the “learn more” button on the website to read the FAQs and policy of the site.

Try your luck now and start playing Grab-A-Gold. Proceed here.

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12 Responses to "Globe Grabagold.com, GRAB-A-GOLD – Legit or Not?"

  1. pj says:

    Great post, You have written it well and your own stuff is really nice! Keep it up :-)
    -Dealies Philippines

  2. eirhon says:

    thanks for the comment.

  3. tine marie says:

    Well, I have been playing this thing for about two weeks now. i already won P10 gcash. i already unlocked three minor prizes. Now, if you are going to use your brains, there is something in this game that you should understand. Well, Globe Telecom is a good company and I assume that they will not fake this because this can harm their name. Regarding with the prizes, you have to be lucky to win it. On my way to unlocking my fourth gadget and spin ten times again, this day.

  4. stewart says:

    yuh as well as me too,they were concern the users for them its not all about just a bussiness but its all about how comfortable the costumers are.

  5. john virtudaz says:

    i have been playing this game for 3 months already. At first i thought it was a scam, but then i had faith so ive decided to unlock the 33 gadgets. It was hard because i have to manage to get 4600 gold per day. 4600 gold is the maximum per day per 12 hours. after 3 months of playing ive unlock 30 gadgets of the 33. So meaning if you use your brain, there’s no chance that i wont lose. Im i right? to those players who’s playing this game. ive spin around 20x already but I;ve still not won any of the gadgets. For me the output is always the same, gold, win a lod. But where’s the gadget.

    In my opinion i think theres a trick in the game. Honestly speaking we with my friends played this game under our own cell numbers. Five of us manage to get 25 unlock items.

    Probably, next week. Ill video the output. Together with my friends. i dont want people to play a game in which they are being fooled.

    Next topic: Scam or legit (watch through a video) sorry globe, but a lot of people had hard work for this. It depends on the out put of the game.

  6. eirhon says:

    @ john virtudaz

    thanks for sharing. I stopped playing in grab a gold when I spinned 100 consecutive times and did not won anything. I do won 20 loads before that’s why I decided to stock gold first so that I can spin 100 times continuously thinking that I will have a higher chance of winning and I was wrong.

    from then on, I quit playing. winning gadgets relies on luck but I still believe that the site is legitimate since some already won. But like any other raffle promos and playing in casino, chance of winning on this site is very low.

    Looking forward on your scam or legit video.

  7. epson120 says:

    Hi guys,

    I tried this 1st time and spinned once, I won HTC Desire Z. Now, since I dont know anything about it, the prize is still locked and I believe I need to earn gold to unlock my prize. For those of you who wants a screenshot of my account info(which shows the prize) you can message me. My problem now is that how do I earn whatever it is to claim my prize? My prize is locked coz i need gold, and my gold is locked coz I need to buy? hmmm can someone shed some light for me?

  8. maefryl says:

    grabagold is not thoroughly updating there top 5 earners of the day. ive earned 35,100 golds high enough to put my name on the 4th place, but its been a week, havent seen my name yet. tsk.

  9. Jack Antonio says:

    @ John Virtudaz …
    That is sad. After working so hard for 3 months to unlock all 33 prizes and you still have a low rate of winning any of it. That was what I was about to do. Now I have to re-think this strategy. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    @ epsom120
    you have to use your GOLD first to unlock the prizes you want to win then when you land on that prize after spinning, then you will be entitled to it. You can not win a prize if it is still locked. Unlock before you spin.

  10. SAMUEL says:

    I already had all the items unlocked…. I’ve been playing in grabagold since april 2011. Now, i try to spin yet for all 20 spins spent, all were gold in variations of 10, 20, 50, 60 and 80 gold. What bothers me is that when you spin, it says randomizing pls wait…. Now I know that this grabagold is not actually have us won but just to play and entertain in their paid games. I’ve already spent lots of money. I must not have spent it here in grabagold. Waste of time than playing online games. The spins are controlled by their people working on the server. You’ll actually lost if they don’t like you. Yet you can also win by chance depending on the money they get from all grabagold users spending money buying grabagold games… One questions here is when will they give the car? what date so i can spin at that day on. whahaha… Globe fooled me..

  11. Absrapper says:

    Is the spin is really a true spin or controlled only by the server…?
    How can we sure that our spin is not cheated by the engine?

    Coz i always enconter..
    when i hit the spin arrow to make a spin..
    it automatic locked on the first icon which is usually a locked item that is first appear.

  12. jobe says:

    Legit but not so true.. I won load almost everyday and recommend it to my friends..
    The trick is, you’ll get load from your spins (but only 10P), and gold (10,20,30..etc), then locked items (which you need to unlock first to be able to get it as an ‘instant prize” the next time you spin) but once you’ve unlock all the prizes, you’ll not be able to win those gadgets, coz’ you’ll only get 10P load and gold over & over, even you spin more than a hundred times… it’s programmed that once you’ve unlocked everything, you’ll only get minor prizes. well, based from more research, no one has ever won atleast 1,000 worth of load..

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